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Britrox is a multimedia entertainment company and online platform which showcases unsigned emerging and new artists to a global community via TV and online content to promote artists original material. We act as an A&R conduit providing the perfect visual exposure to build music brands. Britrox is committed to music across the board and firmly believes that quality can be realized without compromising commercial appeal.

Britrox Music Group distinguish themselves through the commitment of the artists. Contrasting the typical scenario in which a record company expects the artists to do all their own marketing and promotion, Britrox breaks the mold.

Britrox additionally has a stable of experienced and resourceful Music Video producers to ensure the highest quality bespoke Video within an Artist’s budget. Please fill in the form to enquire on packages available

Britrox Records will have a USP allowing artists to keep their independence and creative control without compromise and offer competitive percentages on Record sales across all major distribution platforms worldwide

Britrox is composed of  Music Distribution & Label Services, Television, Video Productions, Unsigned Festivals and Events . This 3 pronged attack provides support that no other artists can get without signing to major labels and with control in TV, Label services and Live events Britrox will become the number 1 company in the world for undiscovered music.

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